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Welding Goggles Solar Automatic Dimming

Welding Goggles Solar Automatic Dimming

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Built-in solar powered cells, no batteries required. Convenient shied goggles widely can be applied to gas welding, steel welding, cutting, and so on.

· 100% New with high quality.
· The surface of the scratch-resistant lens is covered with a scratch-resistant coating
· Anti-glare, protect eyes
· The width of the lens enhances shock resistance
· Strong abrasion resistance and durable
· PC lenses can resist ultraviolet rays

· Power supply: solarLens
· Material: PC
· Size: 15*14.5*0.7cm
· Delay time: 0.1s~3s
· Variable brightness: No.3
· Variable speed: 5/10000s

Can I wear these over my eye glasses?
- No. Wearing glasses under the welding glasses will not work.

Is this good protection for spot welding batteries?
- This is actually great for eye protection, but if welding long period of time, please cover your face from the burn.

Will this work inside. I work in a shop, or do they need direct sunlight?
- They obscure in light, daylight, welding, they are intended to shield eyes from brilliant light. In the event that you work inside, they will obscure in your shop in case you are welding. They are not security glasses. Best to utilized them during welding instruction.